Our Mission

We recognise that the Church and Christianity have not always been the best witness to the life and example of Jesus Christ. In our history there is much we regret and much that has alienated people from seeking Jesus in a personal and authentic way. As followers of Jesus we are committed to “follow him” and dedicate ourselves to a life of humility and learning “who we are and whose we are”, in relationship with Jesus, worshipping God as Father Son and Spirit. That Journey is lifelong and requires repentance of what is wrong with us and the world, and a recognition of our utter dependence on Christ as our light and our guide.

By sharing our lives in community together and by serving the wider community we commit ourselves to seeking to be authentic to the teachings of Jesus and in so doing we try to point people to Jesus as the one who can offer life in all it’s fullness. For us faith in Jesus is never misplaced and we believe he is one who can and will bring peace justice and reconciliation to the world.

To assist us we are committed to the Bible as our source of hope and as God’s revealed Word, working in and through people over many centuries. Bible Study and Prayer are the means through which we discern the will of God always under the promised guidance of the Holy Spirit, recognising of course that we need that guidance to interpret, understand and live out our lives based on Biblical teaching.

Our lives are never lived independent of others, so what we experience together as a church family is very important to us and we recognise the need to listen to , learn from and seek to walk with the wider community in our shared values and humanity. As we learn from one another we hope that we each become aware of our place in God’s love and Plan for all creation and to Jesus the centre of our lives and witness.

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