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However we are both DELIGHTED to say that subject to the Scottish Government go ahead on Tuesday 22 March, we both hope to re-open for worship on Palm Sunday Sunday 28th March and then every Sunday from Easter Sunday 4th April. There will be limited capacity and more information can be found by checking our our Facebook pages below:

We are working together in a grouping where two Congregations share resources and commit to working together to share together the Good News of Jesus Christ in our Community of South Aberdeen, Scotland! Together we are seeking to share our faith journey with all who live South of the River Dee, and we want to share your journey and serve the community.

South St Nicholas Church and church family are based in Kincorth and serve the people of Kincorth and Cove from the River Dee to the City Boundary in the South! We have been worshipping in Kincorth since the Church was set up in 1953. Before then, the church family were based in the City Centre!

Torry St Fittick’s Church and church family are based in Historic Torry. In one version of church or another we have been worshipping in Torry for centuries. As established churches we recognise the need to continue our calling to to serve the community and to reach out with the Gospel in word and action.

While we have a small group meeting monthly in Cove, in a home, we are looking to offer some new church worship opportunities in Cove and invite anyone within Cove who is interested in helping us to do this to share in that new journey!

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